Behind the Eyelids – Artist’s statement


Behind Eyelids is where worlds blend. The images consist of the remnants of what has
been seen, melded with the unforeseeable manifestations of a subconscious enigma.
These non-representational images offer me the opportunity to rethink what my
subconscious is revealing back to me. They invite the viewers to decode their own

The images reference a long tradition of Eastern abstract paintings, especially the Immortal
in Splashed Ink from the twelfth century by Chan Buddhist Liang Kai. This painting is
often described as a work in which representation is sacrificed to enhance spontaneity
linked to the non-rational mind of the enlightened.

The series holds a halfway position inside the Scotoma. The view begins to turn inwards
here, but it is not yet able to perceive what Buddhists call anātman, a non-self “what is” at
this point. Thus Behind the Eyelids series is where Scotoma slowly leaves cognitive reasoning
and begins to turn to an immanent understanding of the world.

DK: 2019

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