1970 Born

Exhibited at / selection:

Photo Basel
P/CAS Paris
Künstlerhaus, Vienna
Villa Manin, Passariano di Codroipo
Noorderlicht Photofestival, Groningen
25th Biennale Sao Paulo
Center for Contemporary art – Ujazdowskie, Warsaw
International Contemporary Art Fair, Budapest
Fotogalerie Wien
Photon galerie, Wien
National Gallery, Ljubljana
Gliptoteka, Zagreb
Art Stays, International Festival of Contemporary Art, Ptuj
Cultural center, Belgrade,
Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana
City Art Museum, Ljubljana
Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana
Rathaus gallerie, Graz
Ljubljana Castle
Kibla Portal, Maribor
Photon – Center for Contemporary Photography, Ljubljana
Skenderija-Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo
Kapelica gallery, Ljubljana
Jakopič gallery, Ljubljana
Museo Archeologico, Rieti
Amphitheatre gallery, Pula
Mali salon, Rijeka
Makina gallery, Pula
Fabrico Braqo de Prata, Lisbon
Municipial gallery, Maribor
Municipial gallery, Celje
Municipial gallery, Nova Gorica

Other projects / selection

2013 Photographs for complete Le Monde Diplomatique in Slovene, January issue
2012 Photographs for event announcements of “Lightning Guerrilla” international festival, Delo news
2010 Photograph for Bilboard for U lys’ses Theatre Festival, Brioni, Croatia
Photograph for Bilboard for BITEF – Belgrade International Theatre Festival, Serbia
2009 Lecture on “Passages to Modern Concerns” at AVA academy, Ljubljana
2008 Photographs for book “Babel Tour”, Universite Paris Sorbonne, Salon du Livre, Paris, France
Photographs for presentation of Eduard Čehovin in Graphis International journal of visual communication, New York
“DK: Passages to modern Concerns”, exhibition of 6 different motives on billboards
Photographs for “Bravo Učitelj” adds, billboards, campaign for students with dyslexia
Portraits of judges of supreme court of Slovenia
2007 Portraits of musicians on Sziget internatinal festival for Budapest Sun International, Hungary
2006 Photographs for complete Le Monde Diplomatique in Slovene, January issue
2004 Presentation of Slovenia at it’s entry to EU at Dazed & Confused magazine, London, UK
Presentation of Slovenia at it’s entry to EU for Arte TV
Presentation of “Metelkova”, Slovenian autonomous cultural center at Caffe die Bank and DOMGK – Atelier, Munchen, Germany
2001 Cover photo for the “Short stories of ex YU- anthology” , KUD France Prešern
2000 Photographs for the presentation of Ranko Novak’s work in “The Print” New York
1996 Official photographer for SAVE THE CHILDREN during the visit of their president, Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal (UK)

Monographs and Catalogues

2019 “DK : Scotoma”, Catalogue, Museum & Galleries of Ljubljana
2016 “DK”, Catalogue, Pavelhaus & Kulturvermittlung Graz
2008 “Passages to Modern Concerns”, Monograph, Stripcore / Forum Ljubljana
2003 “The Thorn”, Catalogue, Stripcore / Forum Ljubljana
2002 “The Face II”, Catalogue, Stripcore / Forum Ljubljana
2001 “The Face”, Catalogue, Stripcore / Forum Ljubljana
1997 “The Step”, Catalogue,Center for Contemporary art – Ujazdowskie, Warsaw
2016 “A Look 8” Biennial Exhibition, Kostanjevica na Krki
2015 “The Magic of Art – The protagonists of contemporary Slovenian Art 1968 – 2013”, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria
“Bilder 283”, Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna, Austria
2014 “Art Market Budapest 2014”,International Contemporary Art Fair, Budapest, Hungary
“The Magic of Art – The protagonists of contemporary Slovenian Art 1968 – 2013”, Villa Manin, Italia
“Materiality”, Kibla, Maribor
2013 “20 Years KKA Artists in Residence”, KulturKontakt, Vienna, Austria
“50 Years of Ljubljana City Art Gallery”, City Art Museum Ljubljana
“Slovenian Contemporary Portrait”, Kulttur
2012 “Exposure”, New York
2011 “Tension Field”, Zeitgebossische Fotografie, Graz, Austria
“Oblikovanje Republike”, MAO
2009 Fourth Biennal of Slovene Visual Comunications
2008 “For a Better Tommorrow”, City Art Museum, Ljubljana
2007 “Photonic Moments” Review of contemporary photographic creativity in SE Europe
Third Biennal of Slovene Visual Comunications
2006 “Il Lazio – tra Europa e Mediterraneo”
2004 “BIO 19”, 19th Biennal of Slovene Industrial Design
2003 “Global Detail”, Noorderlicht photofestival
2001 “100 years of the Nude in Slovenia”
1999 “Infinity” – “Slovenian Photography Tendencies 1990-99″
1998 “Next”