Trn / The Thorn

The Thorn
The Thorn billboard

Razstava / Exhibition

Odprtje: sreda, 11. januar 2012 ob 19. uri in bo na ogled do 15. februarja 2012.
Opening: Wednesday, 11th of January, 2012 at 7 pm until 15th of February, 2012.
Lokacija / Location: Galerija Media Nox, Židovski trg, Maribor
Organizator / Producer: Strip Core / Forum Ljubljana




Cut-outs from the respective essays by Dr. Marina Gržinić and Aleksander Bassin

The Thorn

It points towards the blind acceptance ● Interpretation of the gaze negates the »exotic other« ● Melding of all subjects conceptualizes the social structure of youth ● Reality as a picture of delusions and apathy ● Photography as a social phenomenon, a meditative urban landscape ● The ability to translate loneliness into an image is crucial ● Awareness of the obsolescence of the photographic aesthetic. ● Faceless or headless insistence ● Compelling visual meditation ● A precise background study of modern apathy and empty processes ● A choreography of desperation ● A moment of industrialized life ● Destruction is a fact ● Youth without heads and faces pointing to the inferno of the period ● The Thorn ● Subversive in its intent and presentation


Dr. Marina Gržinić Researcher at the institute of Philosophy at ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana and Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna


Socialy inspired photography reveals the substance ● Concealed for several reasons in the Slovene space ● A critical distance, or a notice in art, is imperative and urgent in the (dis)order of the Slovene space ● The Thorn ● A document and a certain j’accuse ● About youth and their escape into psychological solitude ● A document about / portrait of a sociological-social state of the Slovene capital and Slovene society ● The project starts from the fact that the phenomenon is basically a result ● It should evoke a more profound response in a target group than the declarative message coming from the administration office of this new society ● Is the target group capable of comprehending non.freedom? ● The dependance on the capital? ● The ethics of uncontrollable development? ● The project does not allow for staged snap-shots ● It’s innumerable document about sollitude and addiction Aleksander Bassin Director of the City Art Museum Ljubljana